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20 Feb Something is floating in my boat

When you're young and single, all you have to worry about is yourself, your laundry, lunch/dinner plans, friends you're gonna meet over the weekend, etc. Then when you find The One, your life changes. Everything revolves around this person. His/her needs, wants, interests, health, happiness, become primary (for some of us at least) and you wonder how were you living...

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05 Jan Ooey Gooey Chocolate Brownies

I recently got married, just a month ago. 😎 And like any other bride I was starving myself, eating healthy to look gorgeous on the D-Day. This for me, was torture, because I had to give up my one true love - chocolate! Imagine the pain, no chocolate cake, no ice creams, no brownies, no tarts, no milkshakes, basically life...

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24 Oct Halloween Special Pumpkin Pasta

I've been craving everything pumpkin since I realized it's the Halloween month. It's yummy, it's seasonal and it's a super food, so why not?! Pumpkin is known to make you feel fuller for longer. So you avoid the binge eating to look glam for the upcoming festive season. 😘 It also helps lower blood pressure, protects your heart and regulates...

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08 Sep Strawberry Coulis Magic

Why buy jam or marmalade loaded with preservatives when you can make some gorgeous coulis at home?! And the best part, it literally takes 5 mins! All you need is some strawberry, sugar and vanilla. Since this recipe calls for just 3 ingredients, it is important to get the best quality ingredients to ensure your coulis tastes like heaven! I got...

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Challah Queen

10 Apr The Glorious Challah Bread

Challah bread is a wonderful Jewish braided bread consumed on special occasions and holidays. It is soft, flavourful and goes with almost anything, butter, jam, cheese, ham, you name it. I have freshly learnt this at school a few days ago, so the recipe is piping hot =D It might look daunting but its not! Trust me, what you see here is...

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