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Mustard Rabbit with Herb Garlic Potatoes

27 Jan Three Weeks & I Still Have Ten Fingers

The first three weeks in most schools are usually all about chilling, meeting people, orientation, but for an accelerated course like the Intensive cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu, ‘chill’ only has one meaning! First class and I was busy trimming fins and pulling out gills. So the past 2 weeks here have been really crazy and I have been trying...

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Basic Cuisine Nov 2015 group at LCB

06 Jan Mid Course Musings

The first week here has been nothing less than unexpectedly amazing! Well amazing is pretty obvious right, following my dream, charting my own course, cooking exotic things, learning the historical French techniques from the best chefs in the industry, etc, etc. But why unexpected you ask? My expectations of Paris and culinary school were very dreamy, that I’d relax and enjoy...

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Friends for keeps, weekend trip to Saint Malo and Mont St Michel

16 Dec Post Exam Weekend Getaway to Saint Malo, France

So exams are over and it is time for celebration. So we pick up our backpacks and head out for a quick getaway to Oyster land to celebrate the success of the Rabbit and the Blanquette! Saint Malo, you fortified beauty, stole my heart! Saturday in Saint Malo and Sunday at Mont Saint Michel Abbey, is by the far the best weekend I had...

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Our Crazy Chefs to-be

14 Dec Boat Cruise on River Seine

Rightly said, “Cooking begins long before the pots touch the stove, it’s passion, taste, talent and constant renovation that creates memorable food.” Gonna miss this passionate talented bunch! I have been so lucky to find amazing friends during my short stint in Paris. This city was always my favorite, now after Le Cordon Bleu experience, it will have a very special place in...

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Tagliatelle Making in Progress

10 Dec Tagliatelle Thursdays

Why is time flying by so fast! It is already last week before the exams. =( But no time to feel sad! This week we have some really interesting dishes lined up! We have not touched Italian food till now and finally we are doing Tagliatelle today followed by gnocchi tomorrow! Cannot wait woohoo.. Tonight my dinner will be handmade pasta with...

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tenderloin steak with bearnaise and artichoke

03 Dec Tenderloin Steak Class

As our chef said, “Rare good quality steak, awesome Bearnaise, some good wine and a beautiful woman, all you need for a perfect evening.” I have been waiting to cook some beef and veal after all the rabbit/chicken beheadings! Finally today we got to cook some steak. My creation today - Tenderloin steak with thick cut fries and Béarnaise in dans un...

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Steak and Potatoes- Frenched up!

01 Dec Dinner Tonight – Sirloin Steak

A beautiful plate makes me so happy! And if the food tastes like every bite is juicy, tender inside but crispy on the outside, beefy heaven.. now that is Happiness Redefined. So we have been cooking a lot of fish, chicken and rabbit. My favorite meat is BEEFFFF and I have been waiting patiently to cook some good 'ol steak! Finally today...

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