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23 Jun Getting my desi fix at Swaadhisht

India is diverse in every aspect, whether people, language, music, culture or food. Each state's cuisine has such a unique local touch and flavor that distinguishes it significantly from others. Kerala food is one of our favorites, coconut-ty and spicy in every bite and serving size fit for Kings. It makes our weekend perfect to visit Swaadhisht and wipe off that...

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Challah Queen

10 Apr The Glorious Challah Bread

Challah bread is a wonderful Jewish braided bread consumed on special occasions and holidays. It is soft, flavourful and goes with almost anything, butter, jam, cheese, ham, you name it. I have freshly learnt this at school a few days ago, so the recipe is piping hot =D It might look daunting but its not! Trust me, what you see here is...

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'Fluffy Little Pillows' Pancakes in berry soup and yuzu jelly

24 Feb Paddy Hills Café, Fusion Brunch

Paddy Hills is the new kid on the block, right where Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice used to be. Everyone working in the area knew where the famous Buona Vista Duck Rice shop was, Paddy Hills occupying that space has some giant shoes to fill. This Australian-Japanese themed Café is great for a brunch. We went there on a Sunday and...

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Mustard Rabbit with Herb Garlic Potatoes

27 Jan Three Weeks & I Still Have Ten Fingers

The first three weeks in most schools are usually all about chilling, meeting people, orientation, but for an accelerated course like the Intensive cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu, ‘chill’ only has one meaning! First class and I was busy trimming fins and pulling out gills. So the past 2 weeks here have been really crazy and I have been trying...

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Its the season to eat, drink and be merry!

24 Dec Exploring French Villages this Christmas

My Paatram is in Christmas mode and that means feasting on a LOT of sugary goodness! Must tries if you’re in France and exploring the Village de Noël.. L-R : Amorino flower gelato in Srilankan coconut, chocolate noir and salted caramel, churros loaded with nutella, chocolate praline brioche Ok time to gulp these down with my vin chaud! Yummmm…. (at Village de Noël, Nice) [caption...

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