20 Feb Something is floating in my boat

When you're young and single, all you have to worry about is yourself, your laundry, lunch/dinner plans, friends you're gonna meet over the weekend, etc. Then when you find The One, your life changes. Everything revolves around this person. His/her needs, wants, interests, health, happiness, become primary (for some of us at least) and you wonder how were you living...

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19 Mar Cafe Crawlin’ @ Senopati, Jakarta

Last weekend we decided to go on a cafe crawl around Senopati in Jakarta! Trying out the hippest, coolest places young Jakartans are hanging out at. First stop We started with Crematology for a laidback brunch.  The ambience is the first 5* I'm gonna give. Dimly lit, brown woody decor, perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon!  We ordered - 1. Chicken Katsu sandwich, IDR 70K - was...

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21 Feb Museo musings

Chinese new year's Eve and I had half day off from work - this automatically called for a girly lunch and cocktails with my sister-from-another-mister Shivali! After much deliberation we decided to go to the romantic Museo at Quayside isle in Sentosa! Yes, we are a loving romantic couple, our husbands have been jealous of our relationship since 2013. A quick cab ride...

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05 Jan Ooey Gooey Chocolate Brownies

I recently got married, just a month ago. 😎 And like any other bride I was starving myself, eating healthy to look gorgeous on the D-Day. This for me, was torture, because I had to give up my one true love - chocolate! Imagine the pain, no chocolate cake, no ice creams, no brownies, no tarts, no milkshakes, basically life...

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03 Jan Satisfying French offering at Horizon

On the first working day of 2017, we didn't want to have regular food court lunch. So my colleague and I decided to try out this little French bistro called Horizon, at Fragrance empire building in Alexandra. It was drizzling a bit and the weather was perfect for a cute cafe lunch on a Tuesday morning. We ordered their Mushroom risotto with...

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24 Oct Halloween Special Pumpkin Pasta

I've been craving everything pumpkin since I realized it's the Halloween month. It's yummy, it's seasonal and it's a super food, so why not?! Pumpkin is known to make you feel fuller for longer. So you avoid the binge eating to look glam for the upcoming festive season. 😘 It also helps lower blood pressure, protects your heart and regulates...

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09 Sep Amarone Ristorante Review

It was my fiance's birthday and I wanted to take him to a nice fine dining place. I looked up online and found people raving about this Italian gem in the city called Amarone Ristorante. Its ranked 10th best out of 8,222 restaurants in Singapore on Tripadvisor. I was convinced. I call the restaurant and make a reservation. First, the ambience...

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08 Sep Boy Next Door ‘Dario’

I have lived in West coast for about 3 years now and have never felt the need to eat at any of the restaurants that are 2 mins from my home. Apart from the age old 'Abang' or Niqqi's cheese prata shop, there have been lots of new additions like Al Aleem (similar to the famous local food joint Al...

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08 Sep Strawberry Coulis Magic

Why buy jam or marmalade loaded with preservatives when you can make some gorgeous coulis at home?! And the best part, it literally takes 5 mins! All you need is some strawberry, sugar and vanilla. Since this recipe calls for just 3 ingredients, it is important to get the best quality ingredients to ensure your coulis tastes like heaven! I got...

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