Satisfying French offering at Horizon


03 Jan Satisfying French offering at Horizon

On the first working day of 2017, we didn’t want to have regular food court lunch. So my colleague and I decided to try out this little French bistro called Horizon, at Fragrance empire building in Alexandra. It was drizzling a bit and the weather was perfect for a cute cafe lunch on a Tuesday morning.

We ordered their Mushroom risotto with Enoki tempura ($14) and Kakuni pork risotto ($16) for mains.

The mushroom risotto was quite flavorful, arborio cooked to perfection and the accompanying mushroom and tempura were well cooked and tasty too. I did find the whole preparation a bit too oily, would be great if they could tone down the fats a bit. Nobody likes to eat a meal floating in oil. 

The Kakuni Pork risotto was the real deal here. I was jealous of my colleague at some point 😆 it was that good! The main draw was the beautifully charred pork and the sauce. My colleague swiped his plate neat in like 10 mins, while I was still working on my mushroom risotto!

For drinks, I decided to go a little cray and ordered the iced red wine chocolate ($7). I was intrigued whether the combination would work. And trust me it didn’t! It was literally red wine and chocolate mixed together, and the two didn’t blend at all. 

All in all, the food was great, will definitely return to order my own plate of Kakuni Pork risotto, maybe try other dishes on the menu but definitely give the drinks a miss.

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