Getting my desi fix at Swaadhisht

23 Jun Getting my desi fix at Swaadhisht

India is diverse in every aspect, whether people, language, music, culture or food. Each state’s cuisine has such a unique local touch and flavor that distinguishes it significantly from others.¬†Kerala food is one of our favorites, coconut-ty and spicy in every bite and serving size fit for Kings. It makes our weekend perfect to visit Swaadhisht and wipe off that loaded banana leaf in minutes!


What we ordered:
1. Chicken set meal (comes with appetizer soup, yogurt drink, chicken curry, beans vegetables called avial and brown rice)
2. Fish set meal (comes with batang fish curry plus other jazz similar to the chicken set meal)
3. Appam (light, fluffy and crispy pancakes with a secret alcoholic twist)

Total damage: $23 for 2 pax

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