Cafe Crawlin’ @ Senopati, Jakarta


19 Mar Cafe Crawlin’ @ Senopati, Jakarta

Last weekend we decided to go on a cafe crawl around Senopati in Jakarta! Trying out the hippest, coolest places young Jakartans are hanging out at.

First stop

We started with Crematology for a laidback brunch. 

The ambience is the first 5* I’m gonna give. Dimly lit, brown woody decor, perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon! 

We ordered –
1. Chicken Katsu sandwich, IDR 70K – was delicious! Crispy chicken and lettuce with a side of cheesy fries.

Chicken Katsu sandwich with mozzarella cheese

2. Churros, IDR 30K – in Singapore, we find it a bit difficult to get a plate of decent churros. This place definitely satisfied the craving! The churros were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a generous dust of cinnamony icing. This was served with their homemade chocolate butterscotch sauce – Delectable!

Chocolate butterscotch churros

3. Latte, IDR 58K – Good coffee, nothing fantastic but good.

Overall, a nice chilled place to grab decent coffee and yummy desserts. Saw a lot of people ordering waffles and pancakes. Next time!

Second stop

Branche, 33 Jalan Suryo, is a cute French bistro known for its vintage decor and creative cocktails. 

We ordered-

Simone Signoret cocktail, IDR 12K – Hibiscus syrup & lychee taste shaken gently with London dry gin, pomegranate juice served with fresh Rose 🌹 petals

Simone Signoret cocktail

Last stop

Three Buns same as the Potato Head folks in Bali and Singapore.We were not meant to go here but the bamboo-ish decor with a Kampung-cottagey kind of ambience, drew us in. 

The seating arrangement was adorable, with platforms arranged in an abstract manner sprawling across the space.
We got a place perched high on top, with a view so grand, we had to stay!

Since we were quite full, we just ordered a few drinks and their famous Naughty fries.

Mango Tango, IDR 50k – Frozen colada with a dash of rum, was wayyyy too sweet for my liking. Fortunately, the server was really nice and agreed to replace it with another cocktail.

Naughty fries, IDR 60k – Always awesome. If you haven’t tried yet, check out Potato Head in Keong Saik, Singapore – you’ll not be disappointed. While you’re at it, order the Baby Huey burger – their speciality which tastes like heaven!

All in all, Senopati area in Jakarta, is up and coming and had lots to offer. We were tipsy and way too full of all the yummy things we picked up lounging in all these cafes.

Perfect way to end a Sunday.

Cheers, see you next weekend!

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